Good tips for my defence


Any good ideas on a defence team i could make with my toons, only have limited to play around with due to being a new region


yea, finish leveling your toons. you got some nice ones, and they aren’t maxed


Yea gear dictating, we only 2 month old so going to be a while before I can max them all, first 3 toons are tier4 rest tier 3 and 2 :frowning:


Oh woe is me. However will you cope with only one shield and four revives.

Wait, sorry, is that Carl I see down there too?


Sorry, but I am calling a subtle humble brag thread here. Two month old region and you have 4 premiere revive toons, and not able to defend. Try again.


that’s the one o been using


work on weapons, get those toons levelled and you’ll be laughing


move on, nothing to see here


Hate to break it to you but just because you bought some of the “best” defensive toons that will not stop you from losing against other whales and smart f2p players.


Your problem is that you can’t revive an opponents team to death. Sure, you can tank up and time out, but if you don’t have any characters which will actually kill the opponent, you can always be beaten.


you’re lying somewhere… defence doesn’t do too bad and defence is getting destroyed are nowhere near the same…

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Erika as she pops quicker than Lydia


Buy red zeke use him as a leader and put lydia, ty,koa and erika behind him…might be a good decoy team :man_shrugging:


Yea I should have enough next time we get rewards for the stretch deffo going for him


Unbelievable…2 months and you had Erika , lidia , koa , garret and 2 revive ty… Amazing…have you received fantastic offers for new players on the wheel, am i right? I think that You have enough players to beat me that i’m here since the release of the game…


Two tyreese off that wheel we had a while back, ten pull for Lydia and Erika and koa from 3 year tokens, all 5* though I grinded to make them 6* I ain’t been lucky to pull a 6* yet





Maybe he’s playing on an android? :smirk:


Haha my auto correct playing up


4 revives haha I don’t even have 1