Good regions for wave 2

good region for top 5-10 CRW for an aussie?

People saying great things about Webster but I went to scout and it was less active than my current wave 3 region. Who knows?

I would say “try the line group”, but no-one was saying anything sensible while I was in it.

Come to liberty :slight_smile:

Henry is gud

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Info on all 3 would save 2 hours of leveling to find out ha.

Terrell has picked up nicely competitive factions with a few picking up behind those.Usual thing with crits,last two crws Terrell has placed 3rd and 1st

I already said this. Let us skip finding out about traits and adrenaline rushes. It’s not going to revolutionise my game at this stage. Lol

Walker region is where the party is at!!!

missed out on 300k by wee bit due ques solid wae

info on it going be temp till i can move to 1

And nvm not a wave 2 region… ANY one else.

How long will the transfers be open??

till 11th and 5pm pdt

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