Good region to transfer to and why


I’m looking for a region to transfer to but don’t know which one


What are you looking for?


Butts region. Just because of the name and we eat ass


Witch one is The most recent region?


join brooks
you can hate the place with the rest of us


lol That’s the newest one? Doesn’t look good :confused:


nah, i meant what i said to op.
brooks sucks.


Newer regions are protected from inbound transfers so you don’t have teams of people who have been developing their rosters for 3 years moving into a very young region.

The youngest regions that are open for inbound transfers are these 4:

  • Glascock
  • Effingham
  • Bullock
  • Tuscaloosa


Do you happen to know how young they are?


As a guy who is from Brooks lol


Thank you! But what I want is to start from the begining. So actually a no transfer region would be nice!


sorry man
that place has a couple weirdos.


You’re not looking for a region to transfer to at all then :slight_smile:.

Assuming you want an English region, look for Chester, Lancaster, Marlboro, or Fairfield. They may not even be open for experienced players to join yet.


That’s true, I didn’t know The right name :slight_smile:
I Will look in these. Or if there are any PT, Please tell me too
Thanks again!


I think Clarendon is the newest PT region.


any active, decent , less drama , sharing crits, less whale region here?? plz message me im looking for a good region and actve


U may as Well quit…


The reason I transferred, summed up in one line


my region is too much drama, we want an actve less drama region that also share crits and helps every faction


doesn’t exist in the game anymore. anyone who tells you their region is different is trying to bait you into joining them.

almost every region i’ve seen has almost the entire territory map walkered because everyone wants to be selfish and not help out someone else. of course it’s not that hard to throw in 5 trainer defenses, but they’d rather walker it and force the next guy to clear using his/her energy so they don’t get league trophies. then they lie in region chats saying they dont do that shit even though you see it over and over again.

crits are usually up for grabs, assuming you want to clear walkers as well. People love to grab it, and then pull their teams right before the timer expires… just because. you ask to help people out and 1 toon defenses for raids, only to run through every lydia team imaginable. too bad those lydia teams suck balls.

most regions are dead with 1 - 2 top factions left in them. maybe a few more, but not that many. All the middle tier factions have fooled themselves by thinking they’ll go to a new “F2P” region (hahaha that shit dont exist) and take over only to find out that it’s pretty much the same everywhere. If you find a region that is dead and take it over, it’s only a matter of time until a better team comes and knocks you off your throne at which you come to the forums crying that a “whale faction” has come and taken over your region. The truth is, that middle tier factions are middle tier factions. and there’s nothing wrong with that except that they have this blind belief that there is someplace that they can reign supreme.