Good one uncle Scopely... but no

I’m a little worried … Every time I start the game a message of a “failed purchase” of one of the products of this game appears, the thing is that I’ve never made the attempt to buy something here, it seems that the game itself is doing purchases without my authorization and, due to insufficient credit is not possible to buy something that I never asked, I would like to know what this is about. I have restarted my mobile believing that it was one of the many stupid errors of this game but no … the purchase attempt without my permission keeps showing up. Someone has the same problem here?

Possibly a bug. If the game tried to make purchases, it would show up in your receipts.

Inb4 Scopely conspiracy


Maybe … I already saw the purchase history of my account and there are no changes —For now—. That’s why I wanted to talk to the people of the forum considering that Support has the habit of ignoring…

I have purchased stuff on this game by accident before. I don’t refund it because Apple support for refunding is not worth the time and hassle.

Damm :/, now i start to understand why people hates those “Special Offers (Just for you!)” pop-ups :frowning:


Can we talk about what in the hell is a uncle scopely?

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3s axel with machete in hand rubbing his navel.


Does the pop up say "this offer is no longer available " because if so this happens regularly to me. I think it may be connected to me closing my game when i have it on the offer screen then when logging back on that offer had expired.


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Nope, the game said that the purchase could not be processed. I know what message you refer to as “expired offer”, the one I receive is different :frowning:

Yup. Hire uncle scopely for your kids next birthday party. It’ll be a blast.

A man hungry for money who steals your wallet

I always made sure it asks for my password before it authorises the payment.
Perhaps, you should do the same (although, I don’t know how you purchase stuffs - and I don’t need to know).
You definitely should talk to the support (immediately) because they NEED to help you out.

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Thank u :D, Yeah! I’ll look deep at ma Account Settings. This took me by surprise and i don’t want to go trough this again :frowning: que

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Did u do the 7 free days of subscription and cancel it? Would explain it to me…

P.s uncle scopley so much i want to write but will get a băñ bad uncle scopes


I canceled that as soon as Scopely gave us his worst face with Andrea, it was … months ago. I looked at my records, I even saw my payment methods to avoid transactions without my permission and look what happened… It seems paranoid on my part But how should I act then in these situations? Support won’t help and i don’t need a copy n paste as response and usseles answers by they company or someone who represents it.

Support in this game is more of a suggestion than a real help line its like phoning pizza hut when your house is on fire.


Scopely in general has a habit of ignoring their player base. Good luck with that!

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