Good Morning Everyone!

Beautiful day!!


And a good morning to you.

Now just how much did it cost to get Kenny so soon? :beers:


20 quid

And a bit of luck

think ill save my £20


Good morning for scopely to take your money to get on free toon kkkk,its amazing how some guys cant wait and do normal missons and waste lots of money in event toon,in promo toon its ok but in free toon kkk,congratulations.


I will get him for free, congrats :hugs:

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me 2 id rather spend my £20 on a chinese takeaway or a bag of weed lol


Its only free if youre fantastic at raiding or level up and finish in the top 3. Neither of which im good at :slight_smile:

I think you have this confused with other events. There haven’t been event rewards in rank rewards, only in milestones. It’s not necessary to rank high to advance in this event.

You get almost 2400 of the required 3500 just by logging in every day and finishing the weekly missions.

You don’t have to hit the 3M milestone every levelup to get Kenny. The raid milestones were cut in half and easily obtainable. SR is long enough to complete on natural energy.


Gtfo with that comprehension and logic! This is the FORUMS.


You have to be a kid to steal your parents’ credit card for a moment and commit a crazy prank like that. :rofl:

Kkkk true

Congratulations guy!

The problem isn’t that’s all too expensive, but also it get obselete so soon, not only they sell u things that they have not spent any recources to make them but also they get worthless , so spending in this game is biggest scam of ur life :sweat_smile:

I’m at 1125 and I have hit every milestone. how am I 1000 off

We’re on week 1 of 4 of the weekly missions.

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As @LadyGeek says it’s easily doable especially for old timers for a very useful toon :+1:

It’s amazing how some people can kkkk their day through without seeing the bigger picture.

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Grats. I’m not spending til last week but would probably pay the £20. Shame he’s not ftp though :frowning: