Good luck Back Luck or just RNG

Hi all just want to know if this account needs to be uninstalled

These are my pull rates
Koa 200 pulls success
Lydia 160 pulls success
Dale 190 pulls fail
Jesus 160 pulls fail
Erika 400 pulls success

Ok so I’m at the point of uninstalling and walking away or is this normal

This wasn’t a good place to ask this.

Inb4 OP is a wimp.

Where else would you ask then if not in the forum, just want the people who know this game better than most for there honest opinion

My honest opinion?

You’ve clearly spent waaaaaay to much on being unsuccessful. It probably does mean you’ve got an account which has been denounced by RNGesus


youre doing it wrong. after each successful 300 pulls you need to do another 300 pull. there is where the op toons are hidden. that is the scopely secret.

Ty Kanaima that was what I was thinking :slight_smile:

Neither, some of us are actually cursed

Sounds fairly decent, I knew of somebody who went 1300 pulls without ever pulling a 5* back in the day.

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Back in the day we were happy with a 4* from a 40 pull let alone a 5* especially if it was Holly she was a beast lol

You are on a point where uninstalling game is throw the money, but you already did it maybe stop for a time :thinking:

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