Good job...Really good job

I dont mind an easy match…But this is just sad…we keep getting low rank players…they got no chance of advancing like this…Its just sad


Lower your defences and stop attacking. Give them a shot before you kill.

That’s what we do when it’s a gross mismatch. We aren’t whales but I wish more people played nice like us.


That’s normal, we are the lower ranked team, all good thou because they have to retreat against my Def :joy:

I used to lower defense but lower factions don’t even seem to attack so seems pointless now.


Sadly not many people would do that. Top 5 or so factions just think “Wow easy match, let’s kill them quick” or “Let’s leave 1 alive and force them to either retreat or sit there for an hour” (Sadly I’ve seen the 2nd happen too many times).

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Debatable. We used eric leafs for most of the war but killed at normal speed. I think that’s fair except for gen A or A-2

lmao…that describes most of MY wars this weekend. And I’m not in the #7 team.

And the top players/factions blame the state of the game on Scopely.

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I know. Happens to us too. I think they take so long to fill that there’s no-one left to play. If there’s anyone active we give them a shot at scoring.

Except they don’t blame scopely, they blame lower factions. Global filled all war with them dictating, “if you did this, if you did that” I really don’t think they understand the majority are empty buckets and no amount of participation will better the lower factions.
Rewards giving out new energy types each time and items for 1\1000 of a character most are smart enough to know it is pointless, well except the top players.

I’m in a #1 and literally dropped defense for every battle I was in against the #4 and under.

Even dropped it for the #2 and #3 randomly.

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