Good idea for my My Tyreese


Alrighty so i just got 6* Tyreese this morning and i was wondering what weapon would be ideal for him

I was thinking maybe the M16 with 30% Def and impair when being attacked (im working on it aws) but if i do get impair would it be good on him?

And i got this Shotgun i tryed to get impair on it but got that 3rd stat instead


Is there a reason why u like 3 star weapons?
Anyway double attack is the best for tyresse which is slayer level 3.


Yeah i had them since i first started and i heard that you have a higher chance getting it on lower teir weapons


I use this for my Ty and it works good


His attack is top notch, his HP is above average but his defense is his undoing. Of course, have a defensive weapon for him. Violent Military Shotgun would obviously be a great weapon for him if you were absent for the A New Threat event. Put +30 defense on it and upgrade it to +40. And with a Mirabelle lead, you can extend his health and, obviously, do much more damage. That would make Ty the true definition of a tank; offensive and defensive. Or you can easily switch that to an offense-heavy toon to put down reds like Gov and Mirabelle and other traits by putting bonus attack on the shotgun as well as upgrading the +30 attack to +40. And these are guaranteed traits you can get on epic weapon if things like Double Attack seem impossible.


Yeah whoever told you that is telling a fable.


Since I decided to use a distance defense team due to lack of other kind of toons, I decided to go for a full Stun/impair combo, I’ve found It’s more effective for both attack and defense if you only have that kind of team to use at first. The thing is to find a balance that suits you.
PS: The gun is 30% atk, Huge AP Bonus and impair in defense.


Yea that’s not true. 4 star weapons are the way to go. As twodogg said above double attack is best for ty.


Okay thanks all one of my faction mates told me that thanks for clearing it up


Double attack on offense only. On defense he’s weak and that would make him even weaker. Impair and 30% def is a must if your gonna use him on def.


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