Good idea for 5* pulls?


I am at that point where 5* are completely useless. I generally use my 5* duplicates as fodder like most of you. So, to me the only 5* i am intetested in is to fulfill the museum collections. For instance I need tough Dwight, fast Andrea and fast Rick. I have an idea to get the rare 5* you need.

  1. Scopely goes through all of the 5* and assigns them to a tier based on strength. Tier 1-3. Examples: Tier 3 could be shields, Priya, Monica, ascendables, etc. Tier 2 could be revives, Viktor, Romanov, etc. Tier 1 could be 5* with very large AR such as Christa, OG alert Rick, etc.

  2. Scopely creates an area where you can purchase any 5* you want with 5* tokens. Structure is as follows: Tier 3 5* = 20,000 5* tokens, Tier 2 5* = 15,000 5* tokens, Tier 1 5* = 10,000 5* tokens.

So, you will be able to close all of your museum collections! Yippee!

Also, this would not replace the standard wheel. You could continue to use RNG to get your favorite 5* or use the my suggested method to get exactly the one you need.


Looks like they already have plans to reintroduce the harder to get and unavailable toons…soon.

I also think 20k for a single pull is way to much. They need to be reducing the cost of 5-star toon pulls as they are all but useless in the 6-star meta.

They need to create a 5-star ascendable wheel of all the f2p toons and this is what should be 10k.

They need to change the cost of the existing wheel to 5k. This is for fodder and collectors.

We need to find a way to make 5-star tokens valuable again. This would be a step in the right direction and it should appease those who are upset that we do not get toons as war prizes. 1st place gets 10k. There’s your ascendable.


I disagree. Scopely chooses not to put the OP 5* characters such as Priya, Konrad, Magna, etc in the wheel. I would much rather have a Priya than a Randall and an alert Bruce which I got on my last 2 pulls. I would have traded both for a Priya or Konrad any day of the week. So 20k for those toons is a good deal in my eyes while keeping Scopelys greed involved too.


You cant buy 5-star tokens so greed is not an issue here. All those toons have zero use in the game right now so are you just looking to collect the old school top tier 5 stars? I would never spend 20k of my tokens for any of the ones you listed now that they are beyond useless. I would rather take 2 chances on the current wheel and hope for a 5-star ascendable toon or in your case, use them to feed to an ascendable toon.


I guess we will agree to disagree. But if i didnt have Carl or Shiva i would gladly save 20k 5* tokens to buy them as opposed to use RNG that might take a lot more than 2 tries to get. My friend has at least 25-30 pulls on the new wheel trying for Shiva. To him 30k would be something he would pay for Shiva as he has 250-300k in the new wheel with no luck.


That’s why I said they need to make a wheel of just 5 star ascendable f2p toons. It’s impossible to pull anything from the current wheel. I am saving all my tokens until they do another update.

Playing more tokens doesn’t guarantee that you will get you what you want. For that, you need to pay like they did with Joshua or wait for another nugget event. If I were melee I would be ecstatic right now with Wyatt, Maggie, and now Rick basically for “free”.


Well, Priya is not useless, to me at least. That three characters confuse can do wonders on attack. She rushes a turn earlier than Shiva. With the right lead she can absorb a good deal of damage.

I still consider her OP for attack. On defence, yeah she’s useless.

Konrad and Magna are on the premier wheel and you can get them through the prestige pulls. I don’t think that should change.

There are only a handful of characters who are missing from everywhere. That’s Priya, Guardian Yumiko and a few others that I can’t recall atm.

I believe those top tier 5* should continue to be featured only on the premier wheel and on the prestige wheel.

I also support a wheel with the f2p ascendable characters. And a less expensive wheel with the medium to low tier 5*.

Also would like to see a revamp on the ascension. They should either remove from ascension those characters there are already featured in the wheel or remove them from the wheel and let them return to ascension only. Having some characters on both ways is kinda redundant.