Good/Bad idea maybe


So character trading, big ol’ no. How about we can send characters across to another region of ours say you pull a duplicate and they are decent just send them to another region.
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No. No. No.
There are over 100 regions. Survivor’s Club members get a free pull every day in every region. You can’t let people have over 100 free pulls and send the best to a single region.


Would be fantastic for club members and imagine how excited low spending players would be?

I support this. Though it would be dumb for them to do it.


This is the 324th time that a trading/transferring system has been suggested, and just like the other 323rd times, it’s still a bad idea.


I’d like to be able to swap my entire roster between two regions without having to do a triangle with a third region.


Yes pls so I can transfer 6* gabe on lvl 5 region to main one


hahahaha no, just not, as someone who has had new account just to do free trial and pull in 120 regions everyday just cause why not, would be baaad idea, i would have a very stacked region if i could transfer the 6* to one region


,free, pulls for 35$


Yes after you buy the membership you get FREE pulls EVERYDAY in EVERY REGION!!

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