Good article to read but comments are better


It’s nice to see this being looked into more and more.
Fuck loot boxes


Yeah because no loot is better.


or players can just have responsibility because it is ok to spend if you can afford to do that but if you spend more then you have then that is your problem and not the gaming companys problem


Big difference between buying the loot and buying a chance for the loot.
Take this scam offer you get 20 of the cards for sure to do a part of the game that requires 100+to finish. So you need to buy 5 or more, unless of course you get “lucky” with the 5% chance at the 100 needed to play the content.

A new player or child would think with the offer above that it is a awesome offer. Like wow I get 120 cards and all the other stuff.


Hey Kookie, you’re an idiot. Obviously you didn’t read the article but as always you have to comment without giving intelligent input.


Yeah but when game companies use vague terms and deceptive wording to trick people, it becomes predatory.


yes i agree with you saying that wording should be clear


That won’t matter though. The bill states there will be no loot boxes at all, whether you buy the loot straight out or buying a chance for loot.

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Does anybody still remember the Black Friday of Online Poker in 2011? After some time it turned out that most if not all who voted for the “Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act” of 2006 received large amounts of moola in campaign contributions by the biggest casino owners in Las Vegas.

I bet, if this republican senator gets some money from the gaming industry he will never talk about this bill again. :rofl: I do believe something has to change regarding loot boxes. That’s for sure.


Take scopely they recently change odds knowing that by now the majority of players knew, buy 40 pulls get a 5*. They didn’t inform anyone till people starting asking. But as you can see they added wording to the wheel everyone knows it’s not involved but the wheel it applies to still has misleading wording.


There still will be loot boxes. I briefly skimmed the article, but it seems like the bill is targeted towards games that are marketed for children. (18 or under).

For games of which are targeted for adults, the bill will only wall off purchases for those underage. But then again, kids will just lie, just like how I lied about my age so that I could sign up for PC games that required me to be 18.


This bill will probably go nowhere. But it is the 4th or 5th one like this that has been introduced.
It only has value that it brings things to light to the masses, because it gets talked about.

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Just to be clear about my stance on this, I don’t think the government should be micro managing people lives, but they should be used to make things fair and known. Like with Banks and the truth in lending act, granted they find workarounds, but then the law needs updating.
If it were up to me I would make a law, that every law needs review every 10 years, if no review or it’s outdated it is removed. I’d also make it so laws cannot be longer than a page and you can’t hide another law in other laws.

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They are on this topic since a couple years if I’m not mistaken now. Not only in the U.S. but also in Europe.


You sir, are addicted.



Only a person who was illiterate would think “wow I get all that” when it clearly says “one of”.


Yeah the eu is clamping down because it’s glorified gambling.

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It’s a kind of gambling or addiction, the real problem is people who don’t have the money and spend money they shouldn’t have, this can cause real life issues and we all have to be aware :hugs:

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Love the way everyone just glossed over this fact and just decided to share if Loot Boxes are or aren’t good.

Basically means that if the bill passed it will not matter at all to this game.


Holy shít Kook. You’ve cracked it. And there was me thinking people who are irresponsible with money and suffering from gambling addictions (which this game firmly is in the realms of) needed professional help to allow them to beat their addiction. But No! They just need to be told to be responsible!

Hey, maybe we could just tell alcoholics to stop drinking as well. Just think of the problems that could be solved!