Gonna keep making posts til I get an answer since scopely wont reply

I’ve tried to remain calm about this but now it’s starting to be really annoying it’s been over a day now is scopely even working on the issue from the beta update where me and some others cant log into the game just on a constant loop of loading the game to a processing screen for survivors club then resetting

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In beta or your main account?

My main account as soon as I open the game a box appears saying processing with the survivors club symbol AMD when it stops processing I click off the box and the game restarts and it keeps doing it over and over

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I messaged then yesterday around 630 pm didn’t get a message back til like 4am and I was working at the time so I couldnt message back til 8 am and then sent another message and it’s now 7pm and still no word back from them shows you how much they care even tho I already knew they could care less about the players with all the stupid crap they are doing nowadays

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They messaged me back earlier just asking about my device specifications. No additional info.

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They asked me my info and I told them what was going on and then they sent me a message back which didnt help anything

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That’s whats they sent me which idk why they couldnt just go on my account and fix the issue

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Well you shouldn’t have to but my advice is to send your info to jb or gr, that seems to work the best. It’s terrible really, someone should have responded right away, and not with stalling messages.

Devs are working on it. They pushed a backend update earlier today which fixed some instances but not all. Continuous posting does no good, it just annoys the rest of us who can’t do anything about it.

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Think its a programming thing.

I’m missing out on so much cause of this while other people are able to get on and yet I wont be compensated for this mess up I’ve already missed out gold for christa and if it’s not fixed before onslaught I wont get an my of the rewards for that either I’m sorry I’m just mad about it what would anyone else do if they wasnt getting a straight answer or even a message back about anything after you gave them your info and then send a message which wasnt even a reply to what I even sent them and then sent another one to them and have yet to reply back

thanks for changing Weekly missions @Scopely just saying… :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

They’re still working on the fix for all affected accounts. Watch the play store for a beta game update. I don’t know if it will land tonight. After you install the update, there will likely be one more game reset for you, so let it run, reset, and run again a few minutes. Let me know how it goes either way.

Maybe if he got an answer he wouldn’t continually post

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What’s the point in posting while the community managers aren’t awake?

What’s the point of him not getting an answer from Scopely the numerous times he posted when California office was awake? My advice, if you are referring to that, was to tell cm so they could help get it fixed when they came in, so that he’d be back in when he woke up. all of this could ve avoided by prompt responses to looping issues. Instead it seems like everyone is just so used to them they are like ehhh it’s not me so just wait and it will get fixed eventually. Probably. Yeah I annoyed but not by this player asking to access his account, but by the continued failure of Scopely support to communicate effectively.


PS #PlayersUnited

I’m really sorry to hear this, account problems in this game is one of the scariest things that can happen. I’m not sure if you have tried reaching out to @GR.Scopely or @JB.Scopely. one on one they can often help you a lot faster and find a solution for you hopefully to get you back in the game.

Yes, agreed, support should do better. But this post, which was one of many, came in after the community managers were already done with their workday and wouldn’t see it anyway. 30 posts in less than 24 hours, then threatening to keep posting until he’s fixed - well, let’s just say when I had to pick a couple people to DM for more info, I picked other people.