Gone for about a month. What's new?


I see there’s a login event for a revive, Carley got the legendary treatment, and Area 24 is out. Anything else happen? Was the Tough Rick really just a 5⭐ in the end? Did I just list everything and nothing else is new?


Scroll up and you will see something


As far as I’ve seen, there’s this Survivor’s Club which is some premium thing. Not worth my time.


Nah there is onslaught, the new competitive pvp event that sucks.

Game play and intent. Good.

Monetization of it. Trash.


You came back to the same old garbage plus some.


Nothing good. :-1:


That sums up everything


slut, solo sr, slut, flut, fac raid, fac sr
slut, solo sr, slut, war


didnt miss much


player lvl increses from 125 to 150 nothing much like someone said above raids,Slut,flut and fuck


It’s only been a month what did you expect to change you cuck :joy:


More cry babys that what has happen


Not enough slut events in that summary!


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