Gone but never forgotten


Lets talk all things fun about twdrts that made us enjoy this game so much in the past. Maybe this will give scopely an insight in to why players are so angry now


For me the highlights where farmable telltale tokens. (I never got a character but i loved trying)

Michonne head event was also great.

I also miss how hard it was to get a 5* and feeling proud of getting ANY 5*


Scopely doesnt give a shit, pal.


I know. But its good to remember the good old times right?


I miss the old style of the game , that beige and simple design was cooler than this one imo


I love the storylines. Reliving the comics through the roadmap. Its been soooooo long since the last update I have forgotten where we are even up to!

And the excitement and challenge of upgrading buildings to unlock new features.

I also miss the challenge of fighting for a good prize. It used to be cutthroat. Now its a race to see who can’t get the top 2 because they are worse than the 3-10 prize.


I actualy liked it when ygl and armory didnt exist. It was a better fight without all the stun guns etc. And it was an accomplishment to level up


Sorry for the Russian meme, it says “It was better before”, the last one “now it’s great”


scopely was never players first but there is a substantial and devastating change recently.

Before you could see spending coins as an investment to get an advantage in the game. This advantage could be used to get almost equally valuable prizes in tourneys (at least for top players or war in top factions).

Now there is a huge gap between the stuff you can buy and the prizes they offer.

You can pull for an ascended 6star which is equivalent to what was a fully leveled 5star and prizes for first are not even 2 rng mediocre 5stars which is equivalent to crappy 4stars back then.

They still do not realize yet that by nerfing the stats the economy of the game changed dramatically. What were acceptable prizes before has become an insult.

Another thing is that there was almost no interaction of Scopely with the players. not communicating gave you the hope that once they start communicating things might change for the better. Now we get explanations from @kalishane how the fuck ups happened. But still they neither apologize nor care to fix it. You only get empty promises of how much better it will be in the future which is then explained the week after with “but I said ‘hopefully’”