Golden Quill Bags

I bought the 5$ arrow pack to get a run on the quill map. Thought I would share my results

I got 8 twice, 20 twice, and 10 once, for a total of 116 with the 50 from the pack.

I get utter garbage odds on most pulls so despite a lack of posted odds, this seems more reasonable than the arrow drops odds.

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I did the map few time to get enough arrows for the map I got 1s 2s a lot but don’t remember what else but got enough to make 10 just did the map for golden one and opened bags got like 1 20 3 10 and a 8

I’m just hoping to get enough arrows to get the 1 paw in store


I am free to play ran the road map and got 56 silver and


Dang, nice pull. I know I won’t get that kind of luck


Don’t see much appeal in the gun myself, but I guess I’d be happy to get a gold quill if I were able to get 200 silver ones (got 54 so far). But if I get 199 silver, the gold one would actually piss me off a lot…


Me too ive been really lucky and had 2 runs through

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Grats, man! I hope to get there before the event expires - and without having to resort to a coin shortcut too… :wink:

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