Gold vs green scores in war?


Does anyone know the difference between gold and green totals on a player’s war scores? Sometimes the numbers are the same, but usually they’re different.


Green is your faction score - includes things like the camp/group/faction destroyed bonus. This is the score which determines your factions position on the leaderboard

Orange is your individual score. Doesn’t include things like the destroyed bonuses but includes others. This is what determines milestones and MVP position


In fact, some awesome bloke set out how it works:

Although I think he missed the stronghold bonus

War debate what matters?

Thank you! I searched the community posts for this answer and couldn’t find it. Guess my Google-fu is not strong at the moment.


Yeah but it gave me the chance at some shameless self-promotion of my own brilliance and helpfulness, so I’m happy at the opportunity :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: