Gold ring around my toon in chat?


So I do have the beta, and noticed I have this gold ring around my room. Others can’t see it besides me, also have a few others in the beta in my faction, and they can’t see it, I can’t see theirs. Any ideas?


Sorry not room, toon


Its rare… shhhh dont tell anyone… it means u will pull 5 n 6* toons on every pull :stuck_out_tongue:

Ev1 will want it now… the golden ticket.


This is to better show your messages in the chat IMO


Anyone knows why some player profiles have blood on their toon pic?


Connecting to Facebook in the first three months(weeks?) of the games start.


Yes to patient zero but wrong about the region. It was given to players who started to the game first few weeks, it’ll be on their profile any regions they join new or old ones.


Finally. Always the new Region Bullshit.


Nah. I joined in February 2016, six months after Houston started. I’m patient zero in some regions and not in others. The regions where I’m patient zero, I was a very early player in that region.


Maybe one of the mods can get it clarified. But every region I go to New or old, I still have patient zero.


If you have a large dropper lead then it’s…

Ring around the Rosa


The subject went down the drain. I also want to know why does he have that Golden Ring, and how do you get it.

Perhaps he’s a Scopely Mod?


The Patient Zero backdrop is from linking to FB, and joining Patient Zero club back in the day.
The gold ring backdrop is from the new beta update.
You are only one able to see this ring backdrop because the update has not been applied to regular regions yet.


So this is for players that participate on Beta Testing/Beta Regions?


Every day I come into the forums, and I tell myself “I’m not going to laugh at a stupid Pablo pun today.”

Every day I laugh at a stupid Pablo pun.

Well played, sir.


Nope, I’m not on Beta, I have the ring. Faction Leader maybe?


Not faction leader since i have that gold ring around my toon as well and I am not the leader


Prestige level then? I don’t know. I’m already out of ideas.


It’s just to identify yourself easier in chat. Everyone has one.


I thought I was special :disappointed_relieved: