Gold radios what am I missing

Been playing over 2 years never got one till the free one a few days ago…now it’s up again Im I missing somthing?

Radio maps typically refresh everyday

And I say typically because they disappeared for a few weeks and don’t always show up on the weekend


Didnt even show up again in my region.

Yeah didn’t show up on mine either. I’m not even sure what this thread is about.

Showed up on my region today but there’s no current way to get anymore gold radios…

Got one showing in my region too but unable to figure out where to get the gold radio to play the roadmap

This is the message you get when you click on where to find gold radios

Here comes the $100 offer for a gold, silver, and bronze radio and 2 grenades and if that wasn’t good enough, 3 pulls on the rts wheel after they take out the ascendables from it. What could be better?


What exactly do you expect? One gold radio every day? That’s never going to happen.


why put a map back up if no one can get the radios.


There was no forward thinking. They were trying to redirect your attention away from #anniversarygate.


Because scopely needs to troll us some more

It’s the same way with bronze and silver radios when you start out.

For the people who missed the first map, this way everyone who has a good radio can use it

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This is true, but if no gold radios are going to become available after the 1st one (early days though), why not just put up a roadmap for a gold mod?

Unless they’re going to start being included in daily missions it seems to have been created for show rather than purpose.

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On top of the first Gold Radio we issued to all players prior to the Roadmap launch, we will start adding them as Rewards in various event prizes.


Dog- he ain’t the game developer NOR the person who makes the game. He the CM

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WTH is cat?

And he still isn’t a dev. Plus devs do check the forums. One for example @Agrajag


There’s no point in the short timer on this roadmap… unless you want to do something smart like make the thing farmable for mod scrap. That might make too much sense, though.

If the goal is to reward people with gold radios in tournaments, you could just reward them with a gold mod box and some scrap and call it a day, instead.