Gold radio's anyone

Is there ever going to be a gold radio roadmap. I’ve been playing for over 2 years and been looking and that gold radio in the corner wandering if they ever plan on actually finishing the game mechanics. Cool new toons check. New territory and events (still broken) check. Survival Road and tournaments check. But all new creations to generate money and keep the whales spending to win. What about the existing features unfinished in the game. My town that is only a few things from being completly maxed out still has the shaded parts beyond the walls as if there will be the opportunity to expand. Will that ever happen probably not no money in that right. Ok getting off topic…what about those gold radios. Rumors swirled for ever that they were coming and would be gear related like elite or ultra gear but still they sit there a big fat zero and no end to thst in sight. How about instead of coming up with new ways to fleece whales out of more of thier grandmas inheritance or the settlement they got from tripping at Wal-mart over a pickel jar you just finish the core aspects of the game so us Free to play or simi free have something new to oliviate the bordom from watching wallet warriors slap each other with thier credit cards to win what is now more and more pitiful rewards. Trying to keep surviving here but damn throw us a bone.


Solid post bro, i agree.

Thank you

Does the gold radio have anything to do with premiere recruits?


Then they don’t give a flaming rats ass about the gold radio let alone fixing anything.

Keep surviving…I mean spending. Thats thier motto.


Wouldn’t it be something if gold radio roadmaps had ultra/legendary gear?!

I miss OG Gold radios.

The one I had mysteriously disappeared after the latest forced update and low and behold now there is actually a use for them. Douchë scopley Douché

I had 2 left from before, and same thing, gone as soon as theres something to use them on…

Wonder if they’ll do the same thing to all those Chihuahuas in a few months when we’ve all forgotten about them…

Bush did 9/11