Gold radios, and how to get them



Okay so we finally received gold radios after 3 years of nothing, and that’s great! However… We were given one apparently free… So now that we’re on the second gold map day how do we get them??? Obviously gonna be in the store at some point for purchase, cause we all know the game is no longer free to play… So is there going to be another way to get these radios? If so when will they be available, and how will we be getting them??


Why you pay for them. Keep an eye out for a deal coming your way real soon.

What I love is that they had to take down the other 2 crappy radio spots for weeks while they worked on this crappy gold one. It doesn’t even fit in with the design of what the radio maps do. What a waste.


I didn’t buy one they aren’t even for sell. What i meant was scopely will make you have to buy them when they do release.


I have to say, the gold radio map is the biggest disappointment I’ve had in-game in a while. I can’t be the only one that saw the gold mod and laughed and turned off the game, can I?

All that waiting. So much disappointment.


Free gold mod. So disappointing


Free gold mod, sure. But it doesn’t fit with the map type and it really should have been another gear map like the others. And the method of procurement is also completely inconsistent.

That’s the great thing about this game. Its completely consistent in its inconsistencies.


Buddy, if it was just inconsistencies that are the problem with this game, it’d be a happy place.

I’m also not sure how you can just method of procurement. We were given one free radio. I’ve have plenty of other free radios, probably close to 200 of each.


Cool. Me too. You can bet your behind you won’t be getting free gold radios in daily missions very often.


No shit Sherlock…

But why not wait and see how they are procured before you moan about it?


I really think you need to chill out, nobody crapped in your cornflakes.


I’m perfectly chill man. You’re the one coming here and getting your pants all in a twist about nothing.

I’ll agree, there was a better use of gold radios - and that would be a farmable gear map for high tier 6★ gear. But they’re making use of gold radios - so that’s somehting. And, quite possibly, it’ll increase access to gold mods. But that remains to be seen


These radios will probably replace mods for prizes in events. Instead of winning a new shiney mod, you win the chance to enter the roadmap for 45 mins. I noticed in the level up milstones theres bronze and 2 silver, no gold :thinking:


Well, no. I expressed my opinion and you tried to shoot it down. As you did in another thread.



I’m expecting gold radios to turn up as rewards at some point (and in shops ofc) but it seems like a pretty convoluted way to acquire a mod. I would rather be given the actual mod as a reward as no aspect of the timed map is farmable, not even for scraps.


Just like a dealer. They gave out one free and now people are begging for more. You’ve got people whining about the map saying it sucks or it should have been this or that but people are still complaining about lack of radios and not knowing how to get them. Sadly if they drop a radio offer people are going to eat it up. Why?

My personal opinion is that the map is not in line with what the other maps are so that’s a let down. But it’s a free gold mod. My concern is that this will be their way of removing gold mods from easy circulation and only make them available through the gold map and they will either make gold radios rare or mainly purchasable.


Why give out gold mods as rewards when instead, they can make a roadmap for 1 mod which requires a full can to complete? If/When these radios show up as rewards, I won’t be surprised. It will also come as no surprise when the gold radio roadmap is only open on Thursdays. Scopely logic.


I am guessing gold radios are going to be part of the new League depot store


I think everyone’s missing the point though. Why release gold radio maps, and not fully release them. I mean you get one freebie, and that’s it… Why push it when you can’t even acquire the radios anywhere else yet… Seems rather poorly thought out…




Where is the gold radio needed for this mod?