Gold radio road map



So no extra 3yr tokens? Only a stupid gold mod… Wow that hurts.


Not if it’s farmable


lol, not likely is it


How is it “not likely”

The other radio maps are. It’s the whole point of putting a time limit on the map being open


Stupid free gold radio for sa stupid free mod.


I hope you are correct, truly. However true to scopely form I’m 99% sure it won’t be farmable for mods, maybe the scrap though


my question, how do i get more gold radios?


Not farmable already wasted 3 cans on last mission and not 1 mod box


Just make sure you finish it in the allotted 45 minutes


What are the regular drop items like after completing each stage? Just gloves and shirts or at least something decent?


Shirts/gloves - no scrap, no mods - as expected


They are probably gonna stop giving us mods as prizes and give us the gold radio so we can use our world refills instead.


Scopely could’ve (should’ve) made scrap farmable from the map atleast…


Why would Scopely do that? They sell 8,5k scrap for 11$…


Still fun to see whiners complaining about a free gold mod. I’ll take it.


It being free is clearly not the point…


What’s the point then? Free map doesn’t give more free stuff? I had an Erika drop on the last stage.


Who said it’s was farmable are they’ve scopley?


Oh baby, dusting off an inventory slot for that sweet gold maim resist crit trait mod as we speak :sweat_smile: