Gold radio map sucks


What is the point of adding this new map as a 45-minute Radio Roadmap if there is nothing Farmable in it?


A gold mod for little effort maybe?


Why wouldn’t they make it the shit ton of radios we already have stock piled


I HATE free stuff.




They could do that without involving the radios at all. The whole purpose of the radios is limit farming on farmable maps.


If you could read, it’s clear that my post actually implies that I don’t like dumb game design.

They could do gold mod roadmaps in a number of ways, like the weekend mod roadmap, or they could do it with something like the Bunsen burners maps.

Using the radios for the gold mod is simply dumb when it’s clear that the radios are meant to be a limit on farmable maps.


I can’t, sorry.


Dear God… Sometimes the whining gets too much to take…


So a free mods isn’t good enough what do you want to free ascend from it canteen, gps still a million times better than the bronze and silver gear than I can farm world map free


I swear people kill me on free stuff they complain


TRASH! Lasts only 1h. I left house for 2h and i need to use another radio to finish. Great job $copely.


I’d love to see the complaints generated by a farmable 6 star toon roadmap


It’s a radio map. What did you expect?


They are only level 1. They arent maxed out! No fair, now I have to level them!


It’s auto play takes 10 mins to do it a your own felt for setting it off than leaving to do something


I got gold confuse resist !!

Pretty darn sweet.


TBH, ignore the gold map then and use energy elsewhere…


New motto for a significant portion of this forum


I saw somewhere that someone said they should make it so we could farm mods from the map… which will never happen. But, I think it would be nice to be able to farm scrap from the gold radio roadmap. Kind of like the 2 farmable gear maps throughout the week. Last 2 stages drop scrap