Gold Radio Alert: THIS IS NOT A DRILL!






Unless this radio unlocks a roadmap that contains 100 year 3 tokens, they can shove it.


1 topographic map, a pair of hiking boots and 300 mod scraps.

You heard it here first :joy:


This is literally the most excited I’ve been on RTS since I accidentally pulled 2 x Hunter in one 40 pull.

I want to use it.


Next we find out the wrong radio was sent, it should have been bronze hahaha


Don’t take this away from me.:cry:


Hahaha don’t worry we will be able to keep ours, but those who missed out they will get a silver radio as compensation :smile:

  • 3 bloody shirts & a helmet, don’t forget the helmet.


hahahah awesome comments i read here lmao keep on going


“Quick drop the gold radio regardless of no radio maps being available, we need to distract them from our momentous fck up regarding offers”


OK, but it’s all gold & shiny & I want it!!!

For three years this gold radio has taunted me by being visible but unattainable, now it’s attainable but not usable, let me revel in the shiny glory of my new GOLD RADIO!!!


Exhibit A.


God dammit I was all set to quote myself from the other thread saying “something new and shiny will appear in the shop to distract people” but sadly it didn’t survive the post culling.

Will be interesting to see what use (if any) it’s put to, most likely will allow us to farm elite rare gear 2 years after that might have been relevant. Or maybe there’ll just be another “We discovered a small subset of players inadvertently received a Gold Radio. We have removed this item and gifted these players 1 leather glove as compensation so they can save us some time and bitch slap themselves with it”


Another joke, it was a mistake, they must’ve meant to give us bronze, queue the incoming apology


Why not seize the opportunity to make a SPECIAL roadmap? It could be anniversary related and everything.
At least we would finally see the gold radio put to use (and since scoply brought it back lol).


Doesnt anyone get it? this is a distraction plot by scopely!!! 0.99 cents for 3 pulls on the 3 year event for new players but none for old, never forget it!!! 38$ for 12 pulls in 3 year event for new players, and 1600$ for 12 pulls for older players


The thing that I find absurd about the new player offers is this:

actual new players will have no idea that they are being given a genuinely good offer
when they are 6 months into the game they may actually remember those really good offers and realize how bad their current offers are by comparison and thus not spend on normal offers


by doing these new player offers all they do is:
A - piss off established players
B - increase the risk that current new players will be future annoyed players


1 gold radio is gonna open a roadmap to 100 rts tokens


Considering the fact that Scopely can’t even get the roadmaps up for the bronze and siver radios I doubt will be seeing a roadmap soon for the gold one.