Gold quills roadmap?

Quick question is this roadmap worth trading in a silver quill b for a gold one? I know i can pick any letter if i have a gold quill for 5 teddies

but is there a better way to use it? Like does a roadmap come up eventually that costs a gold quill? Right now id rather hold on to my silver quill n see if i can get 3 to do the other roadmap for 12 teddies. Or is there a better strategy?

Keep the silver quill, the letter collecting is a trap.

Also save your gold quills; if you end up with a number of silver quills that you can’t completely use up, your saved gold quills might give you an extra five teddies.

I very much would expect no roadmaps using gold quills, and if so, saving them won’t matter. First, because it’s not in the event description:

Second, and more importantly, gold quills are mission triggers, not consumables like silver quills. When you exchange them for a letter, you still have them (they go to where the plushies are). The use of gold quills for letters happens as soon as you collect them, you can’t save them and decide when to use them (you can, however, not collect the letter and have the choice go to your inbox). Missions don’t work like the museum does, or like currency to open roadmaps does - they just wait for certain events to happen, and then increase or complete. You don’t trade them in or lose them. When you get five gold quills, you get five letter choices, but you still have five gold quills. It just does not matter for the next set of gold quill missions, because missions do not track what you have, only what you get while the mission is active. So even if they make them roadmap energy/currency as well, you could still use them.

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Not unless you can use that gold quill to complete one of the premium words (1 quill used to get 5 bears)

Otherwise hope you get another two and run the arrows map (effectively 1 quill gets you 4 bears)

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