Gold nugget event

The ascenndable recruit is wyatt btw :slight_smile:
But basically it’s 12,000 nuggets for wyatt
4500 for GPS or canteen
3500 for the other bits of t4 gear
1600 for wacth or radio
1200 for other bits of t3 6* gear
Looks good scopley please make the roadmaps to farm good not like red plastic peices


Any eta when this will go live?

The 12th according to vk

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Ok, thanks for the info.

Been waiting for this for so long! Wonder if you’ll need to grind daily & freely, or, daily map + extras gained via event milestones.

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I hope it’s a grind able event so I don’t have to choose between wyatt and canteens and GPS, please scopley make it grindable


Gold nugget?

Not golden rings, or lumps of coal?

Seems like those would be the obvious seasonal choices

If it’s grindable this would probably be one heck of a great event


Let’s hope been a while since one of those

Gold nuggets becuz scopley were told by santa that they had to share there wealth or they would lose money

Also shame I can’t use these, I’d be miles ahead already, takes to long to sell them and not worth the foodScreenshot_20171128-173529


Where? Show meee :slight_smile:

Based on Scopes’s track record around these kind of items what you all think will be the statue quo on this?

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Thank you kindly good sir or maam

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don’t expect everyone to have them my friend.

we’ll be lucky to see anyon get 12,000 - roadmap prob give 1000 then 2 million milestone LU tourney for 100 each time


There’s going to be stretched out timers for the roadmaps and non-farmable… soo boring. Also repetitive solo level ups. Don’t believe me just watch.

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One can hope. And get destroyed as always

This better not get screwed up like the other recent Dwight event. Lots of people did not make the Dwight or the rifle due to prior commitments (like a job) and not being able to constantly perform in these god forsaken non stop level ups. For all you that received Dwight and the rifle, u guys are awesome. For everyone that missed one or both, I’m sorry guys. We can’t live on this game Scopely. We spend enough time on here already. Please. Don’t screw this up.


don’t get your hopes up


High milestones at the end to catch up. Seriously? That’s a negative connotation because how the fk are new players and people low on resources supposed to hit them? This is the Scopley way. Screw new players, and assume everyone has 6*s. This is bs, and I already see this being another horrific event. Keep on surviving. :joy: