Gold Nugget Collection Event 11th (12th) December 2017 Start Times

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Can you confirm the means to obtain said nuggets?

I’l try my best based on my access to information. I doubt any of the Scopely employees will be making an appearance today since it is the weekend.


No problem, it was suggested it is obtainable via tournaments, but the players were hopeful of a farmable option.


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Yes, I saw that too. I also hope that this will be farmable. If it is, it will be a decent event, in my humble opinion. :slight_smile:


As red says we need to know if they will be farmable. in my opinion this will make or break this event.

If nuggets aren’t farmable and locked behind milestones it will restrict everyone and force us to choose between a new character which many will be desperate for and gear like canteens.
this will suck majorly as those who go for gear will have a major advantage over the character choosers

@Goddess please let us know when you do and if you have any input on this please stress how important this is


@kalishane @Spyder for when you guys are back at the office. Any further details pertaining to the event would be much appreciated! :slight_smile:


Honestly, I’m okay if people have to choose between the character or the gear. I’m tired of everybody complaining about not getting enough free stuff. It’s not that I don’t want us to have access to free stuff, but the Game is extremely boring with everybody having the same toons minus the few premiers you see.

We also don’t know what’s going to be on the Wheel. But we do know they will have crap gear on there like a 2* waist pack, lmao!!


No it’s not ok if people are willing to grind they should get t4 gear and wyatt


Its p2p, sorry to ruin the hope you guys had

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No one asked you to grind!!! Just cause you grind doesn’t mean you deserve everything. So dang entitled :joy::joy:

I may be missing something but how does it being tournament rewards make it p2p?

They won’t make it easy … have we all leaned anything yet from this company ? We will be lucky to get enough for one item and you might have to buy a bit to even do that


Lol…not entitled just seems to make sense…if players are willing to put time in they should receive more

Funny that u thought that Spyder would reply.

There isnt even a single Argument for the things which they have done in these months. They don’t know what to say anymore. So better say nothing.

If I can farm for this event, I’m happy. If I can’t, I’m sad.


My guess it’s an exact copy of Dwight event

Thank you @Goddess

Thanks @Goddess!

Is it known how many events (both ranked and milestones) will have these as prizes?
Just asking so we can plan ahead on how hard we need to go at each event.