Gold Mod Road Map Event Feedback



The debut of the Golden Walkie Talkie for us long time players was exciting. It came out of nowhere and it was awesome…unfortunately that excitement ended after we realized that this map was no different than a regular Road Map Event.

This is more of a suggestion than a complaint because we all appreciate the extra Gold Mod, it’s just doesn’t follow the Walkie Talkie rules at all. Take a look at how your Bronze and Silver Walkie Talkie events operate for the next use of the Gold Walkie Talkie please. The entire reason for it being on a 45 minute timer is because it offers valuable items for a very limited time only. The farmable items in Gold were less valuable than Bronze items were. Thanks for listening.


So the suggestion here is maybe to make the map farmable? And what in that case? Mods?


Totally agree.


Bronze and Silver radios maps should be changed too, i`d rather use my energy on something else than . The gear the give its too common so why bother?


I’m thinking of saving my one and only gold radio ever to see if they do something else down the line. One gold mod doesn’t seem worth it. I would probably get a crit chance one anyway…


I kinda like the bronze and silver radio maps, they’re handy when you want a specific bit of gear and don;t want to waste a ton of energy waiting for it to rng up on a world stage. Agree the gold should follow the same standard though… maybe make it farmable 6* gear at a large world energy cost?


Scraps would be alright.


I don’t mind the free gold mod, but would much rather see the gold radio be easier to obtain (event milestones would be good), and instead of scraps and gold mod I’d like to see a farmable 4* gear roadmap.


Have to say I was disappointed in the gold map. While I agree with others that a gold mod is nice, what is the point of having it be on a timer? The whole thing took about 5 minutes and once it was done, was absolutely no point in farming it. The additional drops were junk and not worth the fuel. Pretty weak.


or make bronze mods farmable if you have a good drop lead


Would anyone farm bronze mods? I wouldn’t.


Decent amount of scrap from selling them


I don’t appreciate it, bc it’s the same garbage crit set mods I ALWAYS get.

Literally every gold mod I get are worthless crit sets. They need to change the way mods are dealt out. It needs to be purely RNG. In this instance RNG is a good thing.

I did like that they finally brought gold radios into play after 3 years but like you said the implementation was lack luster. My biggest concern is how the Gold Radios will obtained. Bc you know they’re not going to put them into “daily missions” like they should be. I imagine they’re going to find a way you milk more money out it. Like they don’t make enough already.

I wonder are Spray Paint and Super Glue going to be in the shop now too?! Considering the item card has said they were for 3years now and still they’re not. Also are we finally going to have access to our whole towns and more player profile & town hall level’s??


What? Roadmap is gone, radio is gone from the upper right corner…

This was not a radio roadmap at all!

No farmable goods, no daily reset.

What do I do with my radio? Eat it? Keep it as a collectable?


Some people mentioned Scraps, they could also place 5* level up items inside. I would say 4*, but seeing how limited the gold WT appears to be, why not have it be 5* items and scrap? It’s only going to last for 45 minutes and it still costs World Energy so it’s a manageable prize that follows the rules of the Walkie Talkie Roadmaps.


Check your inventory. Gold radio should still be there if you didn’t use it.


Agree with this!! They get no kudos for giving us something LONG overdue. Stop accepting scraps from this company… Pun or no pun…


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