Gold mod boxes from rewards


@JB.Scopely i just received 2 gold mod boxes from rewards, I opened them and received 2 silver mods instead, what gives? The odds say gold 100%…

Gold Mod Box Reward not Working

Mine were both Silver as well. What gives?


Give everybody 2 Gold mods as compensation


^ ^ ^ its only fair


Think it was a color code error


Same here !
Give us our gold mod !


I got 2 gold mods crit on crit set and attack on crit set I’m super happy about that


want my GOLD MODS FROM GOLD BOX!!! i spend 15 bene for it!!!


One of mine was gold and the other was silver. Yet they were both from Gold Mod boxes???


bumpity bump bump


Yup this is hitting various people down the line.


i got two silver from two gold box… fck scopely…


Idc if its a visual glitch, fact remains they never said hey btw its silver boxes in event & not gold.


Me gold mods are 90% critic ones


I also got a silver mod from the gold mod box :unamused:


I’ve messaged support.

Wish me luck.


This was the reward box, gold mod should mean gold mod only not a chance


Did y’all not click on the prize, it showed the possible outcomes

It’s a visual glitch from when they pushed the Faction Assault fix, my guess anyway. Because they showed as silver boxes first day of event


Then why werent they the blue mod boxes where it was reduced chances? If its a gold mod box correct me if im wrong shouldnt that mean 100% gold?


Hi Everyone,

I’m aware of it and seen this being discussed throughout the day, before event rewards got distributed to all players.

Upon checking the Box details, it was clearly apparent in-game that those boxes included chances at both silver and gold mods.

Having said that, the Box asset displayed could be, indeed, a bit misleading, and I’ll dive further to check what can be done for this.