Gold Mod Box Reward not Working

The Gold Mod Box gave several of us silver mods. Maybe this is the same for eveyone?

Maybe consider searching the forums before asking this.
This has been gone over sooooo many times.

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I did, but I hsearched in a way that didn’t bring it up. Maybe don’t be so uptight, some of us are just older and not as familiar with forums.


I’m not uptight.

This is on the front page, old man.

Old woman here, and I apologize. I am certain it can be merged. I’m only saying people can get their point across without being mean about it. I did not see it scrolling, I searched under silver and should have searched gold.


I wasn’t trying to be mean.
I do apologize for coming across as a dick, though.

I didn’t have to be so defensive either. I do try to figure these things out and sometimes I win, sometimes I lose :slight_smile:

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It’s alright. Hope you have an excellent day.

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Actually on this one, make as many different threads as possible… Then @JB.Scopely can explain over and over how it’s not deceitful to clearly label the boxes incorrectly. Maybe they should switch the game to grey scale then they’d have a reasonable explanation. :man_shrugging::roll_eyes:

In the meantime, if you label it Gold, then put only Gold in there, just like it’s been since Mods started until the most recent tournaments.


either it’s a visual glitch or scopely purposely did it to make us believe we are getting gold mods so we spend more for the rewards when in fact it was gold/silver. This is very deceiving so either fix or change the color of the mods.


It was by design… 2/3 silver+ 1/3 gold= gold mod ?!

Everyone should know that …I should add that I state this with sarcasm

The thing is that the silver mod for rewards has always been a mix of gold/silver and we usually get them as rewards if it’s as high as 5 mods for first.

From the newest mod map

And it’s not labelled as a Gold mod, it’s the blue ‘mystery’ mod… so yea, set the ratio to whatever, no one will mistake that it’s a Gold mod for certain. Unlike the boxes labelled as a Gold Mod that are not.

So it seems they can label them correctly if they want. Gee, I’m surprised :thinking::roll_eyes:


Ya, exactly…getting tired of blatent scamming…this might be the one to finally allow me to say Fuk u to this scam of a game.


So I can wait to see how many people complain about getting a gold mod outta the silver boxes at the end of this level up. It should go both was right?

yes I know that is what the silver box is supposed to show silver/gold, the gold one is supposed to only have gold, just like the ones we get for finishing milestones, those are guaranteed gold.

This is the first time the odds aren’t 50/50

If that’s of no issue, wanna go splits some real estate?

you the famous trout I know : O