Gold league rewards

How is it that people in gold league get better rewards. People literally stop playing for weeks to drop leagues and this is fair? I m in platinum 4 and am not getting any coins too 30 and I even did territories for trophys. Come on #playersunited we can’t let this slide also I’m like top 60 in arenas. Let me guess stop playing for a month than play again I’m in rank 1 faction in my region I don’t participate I get kicked. No reliable faction no war no rewards no life. #playersunite d need to stop snoring and mobilise and make platinum and diamond rewards viable, yes I’m too 30:( and in arenas top 60 #not funny #not cool #on break

Why to compete to better if it dont pay out.
Explain why people would otherwize strive to better?

What he said. The race to the bottom.

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Man top 60 in arenas kind of sucks I’m top 10 in the last 2 and only using the free entry and I’m plat 2 or 3 u just need to do better like raid more allways use the energy for raid and territories push hard in solo events except level up and you will do fine or get to diamond for coins in every position

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I’ll make a push x_x

It’s not a well-designed system at all.

That said, it is possible to play actively and drop down, you just need to be very careful and smart about it, and accept that you can’t have it all.

If your faction forces you to do things you don’t want to, you always have the option of going elsewhere. Most regions are full of factions looking for active players, and will understand if you prefer to drop some weeks. You’d have to miss out on all the free stuff you get though. Choices, choices.

All leagues get basically same rewards, with minor differences, except for Diamond. If you think your situation is unfair, try moving to Diamond. You get coins weekly, yes, but it’s virtually a huge grind. Much tougher teams to face in arenas… Much more active players in league during raids and SR…

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Surely you are trolling my friend🤗 D5 and we get pretty much the same as you🤷🏼‍♂️

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I have finished every season at diamond five so far. Have a bunch of faction mates who finish in diamond one or two every season and they have like 200+ vet rings plus the 7-10 toons already maxed. While I struggle to finish and actually get vet rings from arenas. Yes I see a problem with that.

This season I qualified for diamond four to start and I am trying my hardest to tank and drop to diamond one or two maybe.

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Good luck with that, mate!
I was trying to qualify for D1 or D2 during the qualifying stretch, and not D4 again… Ended up in D3 and now I’m 4th and on my way to D4 again… I barely get vet rings and those crates, too. Dropping leagues is hard…

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Yes very hard I forgot and did good in survival road but skipped a few arenas which helps.

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