Gold gold gold bars

@GR.Scopely how long will the free gold & gold roadmaps be running for? Do we need to have picked up every days to fully level our S-Class or will there be more gold on offer after the required 88 days?

I doubt this will reach the 88 day mark now…lol

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why? you thing they give us compensation?

Read the forums to understand my post :slight_smile:

well I know whats happening, but there is no reason for closing game lol. They can change policy lol…

Yeah I see AMC and Fox etc. Taking major action to protect their Walking Dead license after this major fuck up. Scopely fucked the players, that’s one thing.

They’ve also fucked Skybound, Robert Kirkman, Fox and AMC in the process. Even if they do somehow manage to quell the playerbase one of the above four is likely to take drastic action to protect their license and this game will likely be shut down in the process


well not happening lol. they cant just shut it down. Players spent so much money that its not an option

Except it really is. You might be surprised to hear this but Fox, AMC etc. Have a hell of a lot more money and exposure than Scopely.

They want the game shut down, it’s done.

And if I was a Fox exec and saw this article, and the fact they broke laws and it’s making the license as a whole look bad I’d sue Scopely and shut the game down immediately.

No matter what happens now Scopely is on borrowed time, the mass refunds won’t be doing them any favors

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Also they can easily call their employee and dush and tell he lied lol

You seem to not understand how the entertainment industry works. The Walking Dead is a major thing for Fox and AMC, they license the games and the name and characters to Skybound, Scopely etc.

If they decide enough is enough, it’s enough and it’s bye bye RTS

well in that case I would be reallly pissed, I love wd rts

That’s too bad because you’re playing a game run by actual fraudsters now it seems.

I’d start finding another game to play if I were you


I’m pretty sure AMC have nothing to do with this. That’s why there’s no Daryl in the game.

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