Gold gold gold. A question

How much gold should we have to date if we haven’t upgraded the free toon?

I should add and don’t have SC

Just wondering why your collecting them?
Past experience in game would suggest they’ll never be used again.
Also to answer you question I think it’s 235-244 depending if you got the free gold radio at the start.

Tell that to the screwdrivers Javier used :smirk:

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That was a oversight they haven’t messed up like that since.
Oh and the dumbbells that was another error because it help to get that unicorn from fa

I just haven’t upgraded yet. I have 225 right now after I claimed my toon.

I thought these were used for ANY S-Class you get. They are only for Christa and James?

So far only them yes other s class use regular gear to level. Other s class do need other items also to just get them like the different cakes.

Wow thanks I didn’t know. I appreciate the info

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