Gold Bricks Toon

Now that the Gold Bar toon is live, who is everyone going for?
Edit: Seems like a pretty easy decision for most.
Extra question: if you didn’t have Angel, would you choose her or Tyler?

  • Tyler
  • Angel
  • James
  • Glenn
  • Christa

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My second Glenn so i can beat Trader teams


I’d say angel if you don’t have her. Turn one active is great and shes a rainbow lead. She will open up some team options for sure.

Leaning towards James as I’ve only got Angel and my greens are lacking for SR. I’d get Angel if I didn’t have her already

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respect broda

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Angel first. Then whichever of the others

no want wants any part of Tyler and that really makes me laugh

I can’t decide if I want James (never picked him b4) or the new guy. Where can I find his stats/skills?

I want that S-class tower / encyclopedia, dammit. Enough greyed out space in the north of the town for one… and extra farms, armory and a house…

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you can click on his icon in the blackmarket box view and see his stats

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James is good against Walkers
James is good for a bleed team
James is an Alrounder.
Does not make much damage but enough damage to be perfect in SR and Maps

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I got two Kals and Amber, was running them behind Abe lead, now behind Ivanova holding a 15/35… I have absolutely zero need for a green toon for SR/maps.

I have no idea what Tyler brings to the table… anybody got screenshots? (Other than the draft TBDs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Already have Christa, Angel and Glenn. Gonna go james.

So also a collateral damager, eh?
Not really much going for him, except the fact he is a supporter, but with damage stats and also rush… I think he could find some use in supporter arena eventually, while I have virtually no use for James (damage) whatsoever and getting a ranged dupe makes no sense.


You can give him the 100% Crit weapon thing available to only fast characters.

Yes, that is also a plus I haven’t considered. While he would always crit and constantly buff his atk he would be a nice dmg dealer using proper crit dmg mods, while collateral dmg doesn’t give AP to enemies… Not sure it would make him useful in my lineups, but deffo in the supporter arena!

Thanks for helping me to solidify the intention to get him instead of the stop-sign guy :wink:


I took a second angle

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A positive outlook on Tyler (the new gold brick toon)

Im still on the fence here - I have Christa, Angel, Glenn from gold bars, so for me there is 3 options that I am Considering
A) Tyler - Yellow toon, I have some teams that he can fit into, I can make him work
B) James - I was never a James gang affiliate, but i can see his value especially on SR - But in fairness I do well in SR without him anyway, so he will be more of a colelctors pieces
C) Second Angel - Just, because… its freaken Angel people come on!

That’s where my head is at - no rush, to make a choice. I shall wait until I see some Tyler’s in action and go from there.


Not sure why folk love James so much… never have any issues with him on a team face at all
…weak… anyone raids me he always dead even if they’ve won…

Unless need a 2nd Angel say for a tower team then can only benefit in using her lead in one team that using a time attack or def…

Can see use for 2nd Christa but not much.

Duck Glen yet to find effective use for him an doubt will.

New dude Tyler seems interesting as @CLIFTON87 detailed breakdown can see him being more use in teams. Great skill set with weapon