Gold bricks ->> knives conversion

Has it gone for good? I can’t find it anywhere…

The timer ran out on it

They said there will be an announcement next week on the new character.

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Well, try and guess how long it’ll take them to realise this.

Actually they said they would make “an announcement around the gold brick characters”.

My guess is we’re not getting a new character.


You’re right he did say an announcement. But I try to remain optimistic

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Maybe we can get cards for gold bricks instead of a character? I guess we’ll see. I just hope gold bricks aren’t going away with the velvet cakes.

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Be like leagues Jason… 100 bricks for a 5* and so forth then gear before knifes…

Mean that was popular right?

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They should introduce a good toon, not like Glen !

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All three last introduced GOLD BRICKS toons did not had good defance at all!

Yeah I saw that too, and instantly thought that, that was a very cagey response, I was kinda just hoping that it was worded that way to create a little suspense, but a part of me thinks that the announcement will be: “We are retiring the Gold Bars Collection”

They seem quite interested in providing a toon as a reward for a particular event, Dylan (kind of), Lily, Willie, now Kenny, with these events now running, as a way to obtain S Class, is the gold bars Map/concept even worth continuing with?

I know new players are really happy with Glenn, but beyond them and avid Glenn fans, he was not much use. ( I am considering the depot for mine, because he is a pest when he gets auto put into my SR teams, and if i wanted a Neutralizer, Kenny is a much better choice).


Looks like it could be jobe new blue seen pictures and hes awful

The gold bar to knife conversion is back. Another 50 knives to collect…

Please everybody sit down as you may be knocked off your feet by this…

I used Glenn last war. I’ll repeat I used Glenn…

Now that has sunk in I came across a team I needed to neutralise to let the burn do the killing and well he was the first neutralise toon in my roster, so could have been anyone really.

I’ve only been playing since Jan, around the time they released Angel and took her. Use her for all pesky AP gain teams. Glenn, doubt I’ll ever use him again, but at least he got 1 outing.


This last war Angel was an absolute machine for for me - her Daze to all, stopped the Mercer teams form Cleansing the burn - she was awesome!

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I’m really pleased I took her. I read on the forums she was a good counter to top teams so chose her. Then cursed all the James/Christa teams I struggled to beat with her. Now I’ve outgrown them all for a main team I’m really glad I still have a toon I use for certain teams.

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She is a real funny one, at the Time she was a counter for Doc/Zac teams and Michelle, but I also found her to be good against James, her Exhaust would screw him over turn two when he fired his active, but since then they have released a lot of AP gain toons, up to the other day when they released Kenny, every time one pops out Angel gains in value. She is the only F2P toon in my roster that is worth more to me now, than the day I got her. She is fantastic.


Don’t forget the trauma, I loved watching Marlon’s head pop when he rushed!

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Sure, but James was never an issue anyway. Zach and Doc could really be a handful, and Angel was a pretty hard counter to them. I am hoping for something similar to help slow down the OP toons that have been released.

I had to look for this, but I assume you mean Tiger King Jobe?

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