Gold Bricks for S Class

I’ve been playing the game for a long time but just now signed up to this forum, this may have been covered but do the gold bricks that I have been collecting everyday for weeks get stored somewhere or will I have to syart from zero when the new S Class toons come out.

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They say that there is a new character coming to use them. You will use the ones that you have been collecting.

Excellent! Thank You!

God only knows when it will be released though

HA! That’s true but I heard it was going to be at the end of the week. If we only knew which week.


At the rate they are going if they release it most will be able to level them up to t4 in a day or 2

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You guys are hopeful. They’re never coming back, they’ll disappear just like all the other bullshit items that we’ve collected over the years.


There have been a few posts about this, my understanding is this : Gold bars are going to continue to be available, and be used in the next collection, they will show up in you museum when the next ftp s class release. It sounded like knives were also going to be used, but I have a suspicion from one of the posts made (which I cant find now sorry) that they are going to be a different kind of knife and wont be able to be used on James or Christa, but the original James and Christa knives will be available for purchase if you are short.

I had a theory that the new ftp S class was going to be released on Christmas eve, a type of xmas gift for everyone, but that hasn’t happened, then I though maybe a New Years thing, but they have started a New Years event, making the release then also seem unlikely. The longer it goes the more I think I am wasting my time collecting the gold bars, and the 100’s I have are just going to be thrown over side like unwanted ship ballast.

So i am continuing to collect the gold bars - 5 are completely free in offers anyway, and the other ones I just collect because I am now institutionalized into running the map everyday.


I DONT want to have to buy the stupid knives when i already have the gold bars to upgrade James to T4. Total scumbag move. Why the **** didnt they extend this over the holidays? Because they don’t give a crap about their players. They just chop it off with no warning, and leave everyone wondering what the **** is going on with the knives.
I’m not buying any ***** knives, i’ll just say goodbye to my faction mates and go **** off somewhere else.
Not even the horribly overpriced subscription is worth it. It just means "hey thanks for the money, now **** off.

Luckily ma plushies like gold.

Mr. Jones buried the plushies next to rotten heads, in a casket made out of gold bars decorating it with maple ‘leafs’ and on the grave he placed a Christmas teddy bear…then walked off to the sunset


In the Christa / James event publication had the closing date, it was finalized on the correct day, the problem is that we continue to receive bricks, which should not be happening.

But they could have put knives to buy at the store, or they could have put in a new collection of knives, since we’re getting bricks every day.

But rest assured that all these bricks we’re collecting all these days will be reset, because if you launch a next knife-using ps we’ll have enough to maximize on the same day, and we know scopely doesn’t care about their players, just see p2w events and no christmas awards after several bugs and problems

Waiting for the inevitable gate when they reintroduce knife collections and we all find that we don’t have any gold bars despite blindly collecting them for weeks/months. If gold bars are going to be an ongoing thing they should be put in our inventory so we can see how many we have. I don’t trust Scopely to keep count.

I think it’s ridiculous that they haven’t started a new collection yet. They had plenty of time to plan new s-class toons before the previous collection ended.

@GR.Scopely why is it taking so long to get an update on this?


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