Gold Bricks for Christa and James S Class

Hello all,
I saw that the last re: “gold brick” thread was closed automatically by scopely forum policy admin, so I wanted to open a new post to try and keep this topic active and keep the pressure on scopely to address it. (I think we’ve all seen GR responses thus far)

I encourage everyone to do the same when this, or any other, threads re: the gold brick issue arise and become "closed’. If needed, open a new thread and re-open the discussion.

With that said… I think we all know where scopely currently stands on the gold brick/knives/christa/james aspect, which is obviously nowhere atcm… but a quick inquiry/thought?

Has anyone seen/found where subsequently collected gold bricks in this interim are counted and visibly tracked? (I’ve already seen the post about them being accounted for once they “appear in the museum again” (if that ever happens), so please don’t respond with that answer)

Nothing in the inventory as far as I can tell but maybe I missed it? I was just curious as I would love to use a collected number of bricks during this “interim” period as justification of “player continued collection” of said bricks in case scopely decides to revert/remove and invalidate them come next s class/toon/char usage (which I’ve seen a lot of posts and concerns about).


To my knowledge currently the only way to know your current # of gold bricks is to message support and they will tell you what your current balance is.


Thanks for the quick reply. With all due respect; was that sarcasm or a true, this is what you think is the best option, response?

Currently the only way to know your amount is by asking support :blush:

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Message support hon. They should give you the amount. Its not kept in inventory. That’s why you can’t find them. :slight_smile:

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Have any of you contacted support to ask said question?

Have any of you ever contacted support? And if you have, how was your experience?

Yeah. I have. They are pretty good to let you know. i opened a ticket when everyone first suggested it and they let me know my number at the time pretty quickly.

Was the number they gave you accurate comparative to your own count?

I have not contacted support to ask them about my gold bars but I have contacted them many times. Straight up questions they have been good about answering, like last week when I asked how many basic tokens I had. When you ask more meaty questions that they syo not know the answer to you get the run around.

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And unfortunately, my history with support is sordid. Sometimes they help out quick like with this question. But other things I’ve had to open for they send me back to forums or something stupid. Its 50/50 on being helpful or not. Lol

Have you ever had a problem where the game “f’d” you in some way and had to contact support to get justified resolution for your account?

Yes and they were not very helpful.

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It was more then I thought I had so yes.

Thanks for your honesty. Keep following me as I will have many fun topics to discuss. :slight_smile:

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Your welcome. Sure will!

Thanks, Opie. Appreciate your input. Keep following me and I will have more topics on
scopely support.

Very fun crowd out here. I think we’ve all had our mixed reviews of scopely support and accuracy of resolving our issues…

If its something easy like how many gold bricks do I have, they are helpful. If it’s more complicated than reading your account you’re probably screwed tbh

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