Gold bricks - any plans for next?

It’s been some time since Glenn appeared, and the collection continues.

I’ve searched the forum for more updated news on what’s next but couldn’t find anything. Does anyone have any news?


You’ll use them to build a monument about me, and how badass I am.


It’s always a mystery about it!. Myself, I stoped collecting then a long time ago, I just get the daily free and that’s all.
Wait to see new war update , if they still keep giving us rotten head…maybe another character release? Who knows??
If not we can use to build a monument for mr. Tyber…we shouldn’t need to many any way…and at the end I would make sure let the protesters knock it down…:crazy_face:

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I just realized I haven’t even did the road map in months!
I remember I used to be pretty OCD about it.
But I’m pretty sure the day Glenn came out I never did another one of the roadmaps.


Wondered same about bricks… leveling Glenn very leisurely. However still getting the bricks from roadmap as why not? Let’s be fare scopes pulled fast one with rotten heads so once got my two last ones will be saving choice boxes.
Nothing to loose from doimg the map I run it every morning along with shard map and card map. By afternoon have enough energy to do whatever else pops up to negate can wastage.

My point is no doubt will be another toon as this is working for scopes an players alike… be an brainer really… famous last words but I’d rather have bricks than not

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Next gold bar toon is… a 2nd Glenn!

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:joy: Why not?

The Knives collection is due to end in 29ish days, so I imagine, if we stick true to form the next gold bar toon is about 60 days away from now.

Same with knives. I would have thought they would of pre planned or had some alerts to when they need to work on x y and z, so it’s all done seamlessly.

But what are we but dumb customers that can’t even communicate directly with Scopely.

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Nah, wasting energy on gold bricks makes little sense, even if you level Glenn (I level his rush with the 5 days scav mission, but haven’t spent one point of XP on him). For 26 energy you could get around 50-60 survivors, while the brick map drops just some tokens that convert to XP at a much lower rate…

What’s not to make sense? Odds are will do another gold brick toon so being ahead of the game is advantageous. Only takes few hours to regenerate the energy expended. Nothing lost at all. The stage rewards are not the goal.

Appreciate lower level players might not see the benefit in using energy but ultimately being able to lvl up sclasses without using outragous amounts of gear is a benefit no point having em sat at lower Tiers forever more.

Significant number of players have all said about not being able to max the free toons due to missing knives ect/not having enough gold. So not to stock up now is hurting yourself. It will be the same players moaning come next toon that haven’t got enough knives for the last ones.

Glen is the exception but as you highlighted can level and max him with only using food come tier up time

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Tbf I see both sides. The amount of knives I have now since I’ll never use them on Glenn means I can have the next 1 levelled to max within minutes of release. Still collecting them though but have no answer when I ask myself ‘why?’.

Probably because of the fact scopely has/is/does re-use certain things… gold and knives have been used on 3 toons now so even if dont release a 4th there’s strong possibility/probability will resurface.

I get why folk don’t play the map religiously but as said nothing to be lost from doing it an on auto takes minute to run through.

I recall an old faction mate who despite having SC membership and playing daily simply stopped doing either map on 1st toon then come the end was asking why can’t max their toon… always perplexed me that if bought into the club why not get everything could? It’s like paying for Netflix without having internet connection.

Again the bar was low this time with Glen but there is still nothing to be lost in maxing him if your ahead.

I’m down about 160 world map cans since the gold brick roadmap came out. There’s definitely something lost - my ability to interact with other roadmaps. I’m skipping content I want to engage in because I can’t continue to drain my world can stash at this rate. I’m an SC member who has been unable to do the SC part of the gold bricks map in months. I’ve been pushing this message in PC for a while, and I think finally in the past week I’ve been able to grab enough world cans to do all the roadmaps. Now I just need a few more so I can also farm survivors, too. So, I’ll continue to push for more world cans. Once I get enough, I’ll then agree that it’s an easy thing to do every day.


I’ve just been taking the free gold bars for a while

I’ll concede that the SC brick map is excessive waste of energy… hadn’t factored that into what was saying as I’m not a SC member.

Stand by the basic map being easy enough to run through and regenerate energy to do other stuff.

Apologies if misunderstood but the valid point you raise is about general high energy maps with little value in return… agree as with so many maps/events running requiring energy I’m struggling to amass survivors to train for fodder. Would love scopely to significantly reduce energy costs for maps ect… would say more cans for free too but I sense method in scopely madness… drain and restrict all resource to encourage spending…

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I heard that it’s “Hiding under the dumpster” Glenn.

If we stay true to form the next knife collection will be 60-90 days AFTER the previous collection ends.

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That’s what I was getting at… i already got 27 knives, so could T2 Glenn (what I most likely wouldn’t do ANYTIME soon), so daily 5 bricks is more than enough to get the next two gold brick toons maxed after they come out…

While 26 energy daily is over a quarter of a can that gets my survivors capped out (with proper territory bonus), besides 3* weapons that can be disassembled for vital crafting items (spray paint) or exchanged for supply tokens…

So doing daily bricks map for a month will give you almost 4 extra knives that might be put to use if the next toon is not a turd, but will cost you 2.3k survivors (equivalent to 28.3k XP) and some 100 3* weapons (5 spray paints or 5k supply depot tokens), not to speak of the food, materials and player XP you could have gained in the world map…

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