Gold Boxes? Milestones?


Why removed them from Milestones?

And why not add Gold boxes in the shop for 500 coins like we had.

But why foreal why remove them from milestones…


You have them in leage shop if u want more.But yes milestones suck now.


yeah but apparently i’m soppose to be buying Gear.

Gold boxes in milestones made the top ends more worth the time.

They had milestones with 2 gold boxes previously…
That was nice.

This game is annoying, they take boxes out and add a million offers in the shop for cash.


If you’ve been playing this game for awhile now, you should know by now this game punishes players for being happy by taking away what they were satisfied with and in turn, giving the opposite - a.k.a “fixing what ain’t broke”.

If you’re new, well, now you know.


yeah this game is pretty all over the place.

To be honest this whole 6 star year has been a massive
bore fest. I haven’t played first place seriously once.
Not once. And I was that guy who would be known for going
for Top rankings.

Good milestones was the only thing I sorta had going to play.

The league points in Level up is cool, Scrap is cool

But mod boxes are not bad also. Gear is like acceptable but ■■■■■■■ bores me to death.

this whole tier 3 gear being hard to obtain is just not a fun design.
Obviously made so the gear offers will sell more.

Actually so boring lol.

They need to find a more fun way to Monetize this game
and stop starving us of things just to try and sell it so we aren’t so bored :stuck_out_tongue:


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