Gold bars Sclass

Is there another gold bars Sclass coming out or is it safe to cancel survivors club?

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Did you not see the posts or search to see that gold bars will be good for other toons?

No info yet. But I don’t think they have any intentions of giving another S class for free .If they did, it will b weak compared to promo s classes . James or Christa thing was first and last opportunity I guess

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Thnx alot

If that was legit it would be from a . Scopely

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Oh good. WAIT. Does that mean their gonna not make another knife collection!? If not then Im fucked.

Should be noted that they said that every 5 star would turn into a 6 star as well.


It was posted in JB’s chat, I am sure if it wasnt legit, JB would have made him remove it.

Scopely didnt care enough to make a post about it, so a PC member asked to deliver the news as it was a common topic.

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I don’t waste my time searching through questions if I have a question I ask simple as that

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Not quite. According to @LadyGeek, the original quote was:

Eventually we want to add ascendance to all the existing 5-stars, but that’s going to seriously take a long time.


Any new legacy in works?

I want to do a lot of things, that doesn’t mean that I will actually do all of them.

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