Gold bars roadmap is gone.... again

I have a feeling we’re all gonna fall short on the gold bars to get the knifes we need. This is the third time the map has been late and with 69 more days left there’s no way they can go that long without missing a day


Must be new. Its Scopley trick to force us to ude coins or $$$


@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely @ForumAdmin

My buckets empty so they’re not getting anything from me


New map new bugs

One. Week.

For real Scopely?

Us old timers are even shocked by the level of mishaps lately,imagine how the new buckets feel?

Just curious if they actually promised enough free bars to Max her or if they used their tricky wording again. like when JB said free shield. Free shield was an Andrea that couldn’t be leveled without spending. But she was free

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They need to fix the timer so the roadmap and free gold arrive at the same time as they did at the start. Makes things a lot easier


After re reading this I think you may be right, there is zero confirmation that we will earn enough gold bars to max out toon…

Tricky wording for sure.

Still no map… wow.

Why must we come here DAILY looking for answers to why the Gold Road map’s haven’t dropped yet? It should be dropping the same time as the everything else is.

I blame Pu and Pc for this issue it’s all their fault.

They got the power!

They sure do if they can prove they corrected this issue I will give them a thank you and 5% respect.

It has nothing to do with PU or PC. This has been going on since the “Server Maintenance” & the “Forum’s Scrubbing” they did on my birthday September 18th.

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5%? Thats so generous!

That’s because those groups claim to do so much for this community that this issue of a gold bar map not here today is so minor compared to the power they claim to have so it should be easy for them to resolve oh wait they can’t do nothing lol

Well, I hope the next meeting with PC they bring this whole last week up.

Constant issues, every day.

I used to plead for One Week without a screw up, now it’s turning into a daily shitshow.

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Another day, another mishap. Par for the course. Only thing they can guarantee.

Maps are up now.

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