Gold bars lost due to natural disaster

So im not sure if anyone else was affected by the dorian huricane but it left me without power for a few days and i wasnt able to collect my 5 gold bars now that will prevent me from maxing out my free s class character and i know it isnt scopleys fault but i cant but feel upset that i wont be able to get full experience throughout this event due to a natural disaster, all i ask is that maybe a chance bag is made with gold bars or even a knife or two at least im sorry to beg but im a huge fan of the game and it saddens me that i cant experience the full content of this event due to something that wasn’t my fault @GR.Scopely or @JB.Scopely or @Jboogie @QuickScope @LadyGeek even anyone from Players council yall could ask the team for this please :frowning:


Do you not have phone data

No i use wifi but i had no power so i couldnt login and let alone charge my phone

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Get your :credit_card: ready!

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That is personal problem not fault of game

Any company with a heart would surely compensate players due to an UNpreventable circumstance… Oh, wait (Scopely is heartless)! :expressionless:

Sympathy called … likely wrong number


How is a hurricane running through my town a personal problem exactly?


They literally said that in the post… Stop being the edgy rude person, its not cool, no one is like oh wow look at this edgy rude person i wanna be just like them. OP is asking for a bag or something they can buy and get the stuff needed. Everyones hard till it happens to them. Smmfh.


Read the post again, he isnt saying they are owed anything or asking for a handout.

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I bet that goes over very well at parties


Hey asshole. Your telling me Im suppose to move or evacuate when a hurricane happen? You know we can’t afford a new house if this shit happens. Have some sympathy you cooked edgy ■■■■.


First of all I am glad you were OK. My heart goes out to everybody affected by a natural disaster.

It would be nice if Scopely would do stuff for people that can’t login during stuff like this. To the other cool guy and it’s not OK to be rude to people who may have lost stuff or people during a natural disaster I hope and pray it never happens to you. After going through the floods in Oklahoma this year I understand how good people act. It is not with arrogance and demeaning people who weren’t really even asking for a handout.


Humans dont have sympathy much these days but expect the world to stop and cuddle them when tragedy happens to them. As i said, everyone is cool and tough till its their home, family, self, money, etc that is affected and then the same people who where like oh well are the ones wondering why no one cares about them, karma is a real thing, you recieve what you put out.

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It’s true. This bi girl called me a ■■■■■ for being non desentivitize to gore. I seen it twice. 2 brutal ones. A guy with his head split in half. A head execution by the extremist group that are terroists. Life is ■■■■■■■ short. I might not care about life (I mainly just don’t care about whenever people say to me. Like see if I give a fuck if you cap on me) I just wish we were so edgy to the point to where we can’t have sympathy for deaths. Like life might be short but we have to make it enjoyable.

this is just a bad take i think

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Well i jave a whole different outlook on “life” than i think anyone else and often people think i dont care or whatever but its not the truth, i am also very sympathetic being an empath. I just find it funny when someone is ok with like someones family dying but not if its their family or they laugh if someone loses their home but cry if they lose their home. Ego is out of control nowa days

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If you had used punctuation I would have been on your side.

Jk. This is life. Everyone has issues.

Best of luck.

“Some residents not able to call, text or use data in days following hurricane”

Apparently, towers run on power… and few had back-up generators

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Towers need a power creep then.

Seriously though I’d chip in for you if they did offer anything. But they won’t and that’s sad.