Gold Bars/Knives

Constantly mentioned but no one’s telling people what they wanna

Yes gold bars are gonna be used again, great!
Are they gonna be used for knives AGAIN.
OR are they gonna be used for a different item to level up said toon.

It’s important people know so if knives are done they don’t get extras.

@GR.Scopely thanks again in advance.

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Think again , just keep your gold bars . If they’re going to use knives again . Claim them from the new collections . If not claim the new gears .


I don’t see why this is such an issue.

Gold bars have been confirmed* so keep collecting. You need 22 knives to max Christa/James and have a maximum of 22 to claim - so claim them.

The only possible downfall is if you consider the new character(s) better than Christa or James and if the new character doesn’t use knives. In that instance you may wish to forgo knives (and therefore forgo a maxed out James or Christa) in favour of a headstart on the new character(s). Bit stupid as Christa/James are worth maxing out.

To be honest, given that neither knives nor gold bars are for sale, I would suggest that either Scopely’s Money Milking department have finished early for Christmas, or both will be used for the next character(s). In which case you can get your head start by claiming knives now, but not using them.

*confirmed in the usual loose sense when it comes to Scopely.

Confirmed that knives will be used again as well.


That’s great news for me :grinning:

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Seen somewhere they weren’t but could be trolls

You cant get extra knives. Collection is closed after completion.

I think the intention is that they already claimed the knives but may not want to use them on christa

why scopely stop a museum mission if there is a completion ?
I’m at 21 knives, can’t reach 22 and so ? Are we supposed to don’t have a real life ?
Won’t i be able to ever updgrade James at the final tier ?

that sucks !

@gov - Like Gold Bars, the Knives will be re-utilized in the future but I don’t have details to share with you atm.