Gold Bars & Knives, Still Coming in 2020

So a new year, and we slumber… waiting for the next gold bars & knives collections to appear. They have been reconfirmed since the turn of the year, which is good news but still no solid date of release.

The daily roadmap still pops up and the free daily gold bars as well. A lot of energy being spent over the weeks on pure potential right now by a lot of people.

Are you still doing the daily gold bars roadmaps?

  • Yes
  • No

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You can almost guarantee the people not collecting them out will be the ones here wondering why they don’t have enough…


at this point its scopely just doing an experiment to see how long peope will continue to do a road map with no actually reward at the end of it


What about monthly subbers extra roadmap? Are we going to get a new deal only for the normal max amount or will get another deal for the extra that subbers farmed out. Thoose extra will be waste or there will be more deal after the next or just going to be converted to useless supply marker. Why is it so hard to communicate with the costumers? We soend money and time for something we dont even know we will get or what we get. Scope is so ignorant about the playerbase complains and questions. All they care their money flows. Its s shame what the game become in the last 2 years. Both pu and pc failed, and all the things gr.scopely brings to the team goes to the bin.


I’m still doing it, the power of FOMO compells me

I hope they come back. I guess I missed a day somewhere along the way. Smh, been waiting


I’d play it just for the other rewards tbh. Almost 200k food, an elite item token pull every two weeks and a 5* wheel pull every two months is worth 26 energy a day.

This is why we must do the daily roadmap everyday when it’s pops up. Don’t missed out on it or you’ll be waiting longer to get them up to tier 4


I have a bad feeling that because most of us now have a big stockpile of gold bars from the useless RM, Scopely is going to mess with us in the next collection, i.e.) inflate the price to 10x the last knife collection. Just so we don’t get a big head start when the new collection is out.


It’s all an experiment
How long will people farm something they have no use for

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Scopely is pregnant with the toon give them approximately 9 months and it will be lighting up our rosters


I’ve stopped doing it. It was costing me world cans to keep my training grounds going and to do both gold bar roadmaps. We have seen plenty of promises fall through. I’ll be happy to be wrong in this case if they release a toon.


I know they said gold bars will be usualble again but did they specifically say for another toon? I wouldnt mind if I could just cash them in for gear or bennies

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Or maybe the new “free” toons will need a special item together with the gokd bars that needs a new roadmap to farm every day for weeks or months and it migh costs you some…


Yes and No. Still doing it but not every day.
Wish they would give us an answer ffs.

Who cares anymore. Go play some ps4, xbox, PC or another mobile game.

I think scopley have made it perfectly clear what they think of the player base by now

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I don’t do the roadmap every day anymore. I still do some, but I’m not bothered if I miss one or two anymore.

It’s like, I don’t do maps or events nowadays to be rewarded, I do them so I will not be punished and miss out if I don’t.
There are too many road maps, and missions, and collections.
If I was to try to do them I’d have to quit my job, break up with my wife, say good bye to my friends and commit the hours needed every day.
It’s not a game anymore, it’s a chore.
Something you gotta do or be punished and miss shit.
It’s extremely punishing. I missed one gold bar to get my final 22 knives. Means I’m stuck at t3, unable to use veteran rings. 25% power loss for missing one. That’s a HUGE punishment, because that’s what it is. I don’t feel rewarded for the hours put in, I feel punished for the one single day I somehow missed.


@GR.Scopely said he would tell us something as soon as he found out.
Do you not believe @GR.Scopely do you think he would lie to us again lol
I trust VK not anyone from scopes.
When VK says there will be a gold bar toon then I will farm the roadmaps again.
Until then it’s a waist of time and effort.


Well that’s what’s sad. People should play because it’s fun. Not because if they don’t do the 567665 roadmaps they’ll fall behind.

Fun has definitely gone missing in this game.


I think u answered your own question…your spending money on something and dont know what u get in return…kinda silly…but as long as they hook u in nothing will change