Gold Bars in Events

Are the gold bars ever going to be offered as rewards for events?

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No if they were there wouldnt be an incentive to buy the subscription

:cry: I guess Ill just go without my Christa then. I’m not paying money for her even if they dont offer gold bars in events.

They give 10 away free a day between the roadmap and the 5 in offers

Gold bars will see future use for future toons, so if you don’t manage to max Christa, they’ll likely appear again somewhere

Edit: Unless you mentally amalgamate gold bars and knives which end in 21 days

Yes, but I’m still going to be short for some reason.

Did you miss logins or forget the map I’m guessing?

True. Hopefully they will show up again.

I log in every day but apparently I forgot the map. Must be when it first started because I dont ever remember missing it.

I try to complete it as soon as it appears because I have come close to forgetting to do it before. Like an hour before it resets I have looked and been like crap almost forgot

Its just frustrating. Since I realized that I was not going to have enough I have paid extra attention to be sure that I do it every day.

They said they be in more roadmaps nearing the end

:crossed_fingers: That would be awesome if its true. Thanks for the information.

Note: There may be various limited-time events (roadmaps, offers, etc) that may become available that reward Gold Bricks and/or Knives to aid in speeding up the tiering process.

We hope you’re as excited as we are for this upcoming event. Thank you for your support and please let us know your feedback! at the button of the page when they made the post.

I believed you. I dont know if I believe Scopely. :rofl:

Yeah they didnt say there will be they said there “may” be that leaves them an out

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