Gold bars claim

Gold bars claim. Hey scopsters. I do realize u got alot on ur plate. Dealing with cheaters n we thank you for that. But today let’s talk bout ur fans that continue to play ur game threw all ur hiccups n glitches. Threw all ur oops and fake 1 % pull ratios,. Hell let’s talk bout Respect & loyalty. Today I get home from work I go to sleep thinking yep today ill be upgrading Christa to tier 4 when I wake up.And it’s war so she’s going to help out a bit. But this wasn’t the case. I wake up I finished the sclass mission and go to claim my last dagger to tier Christa. I couldn’t of missed but a few days on that road map due to work. Seems it’s gone now. You killing ur game scopley forcing other with jobs to retire. This game is a zombie rpg game not poker. Seems the odds are always in favor of the house with no rules n regulations, when u find out its too late. FIX THIS PLEASE N THANK YOU


The gold bars are gonna be reused for the next S Class toons. You’ll just have to wait a bit
Edit: they’re also reusing the knives

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Why even end the collection in that case?

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That I’m not sure. Maybe to reset the collection instead of having 2 separate. Not sure though, its scopely after all

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They probably didn’t know yet what they would do when they created the collection - Scopely tend to decide things late.

Also, as long as players don’t know that things will be reused, and think that their Christa might be stuck at T3 forever if they missed two days, they might be tempted to buy SC for a month to keep up. Knowledge, and lack of it, is a weapon to use against players.

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And were is the another S toon free the road map is active but no have more the collection in museun.

Pow fiquei chateado pra caramba quando fui procurar a faca no Museu e tinha sumido eu só faltava 4 barras de ouro de ontem pra pegar a última faca e achei que ia ter a crhista t4 pra guerra ela agora está presa no t3 , todos os jogadores estão com defesa com líder pete Anderson e todos estão
se atualizando em classe s t4 o evento expirou, isso só desanima.

Thanks ! I’m on the same mood.
We’ve real life and we can miss some days of connexion.
The worse is that i’ve probably missed 1 or 2 days. No weeks or month.
Scopely sucks.


You could miss 2 days and still finish the knives.

Not much wiggle room, but it was there.

I imagine that if you missed a few days tier 4 Christa when the new knives come up, you won’t be able to tier 4 the next toon. Maybe wrong, but that’s what I’d put my bet on.

not for me.

It was a 90 day event and you needed 88 days to finish. If you didn’t finish, you missed a few days.

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