Gold bars (15 chars)

I’m guessing that the knife collection to upgrade christa and James is
over.(i wa mia for couple weeks so I only got 6/22 of the knives). But why are they still roadmaps for gold bars and free offers? And if they are for another collection where can I find how many gold bars I have in inventory?

Contact support and they will give you the info on how many you have.
I did last week. And have close to 400 saved.
The gold bars are intended to be used in same manner for future S class.
To turn in for knives to level up a new toon.

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JB is no longer around so that means nothing Gr has say something about it now for all we know JB use to work from over seas so more reason to talk out his ass than anything

Maybe this is why JB isn’t here anymore :thinking:

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GR has said that the knife collection should come back soon to help people who missed some days max their existing toons. No word yet on whether the new toons will be released alongside.

Promises and soon belong in same bucket.

If the plan is to release a toon to use for the gold bars, why the delay?

Waiting for the next gate so they can use the release of a gold bar toon to distract us?


I think JB and GR are from the same geographical area :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Probably haven’t developed it yet.
Remember the league toon they developed after the season had started.
And heck they gave up on SC exclusive toons after just 2.
It’s like they have ADD, can’t just stick with something and routinely put it out on a schedule.
They are all over the place.

They are both based (or were based in JB’s case) in Scopely’s Barcelona office. That is why they spend most of the day European time giving us holding responses with no substance - because everyone with actual power and information is in the California office and probably asleep most of the European day. They rock up at 9am and the Barcelona Office is clocking off at 5pm.

Of course, the California office could answer all the queries and questions and provide the Barcelona office with a large package of information ready and waiting when they come in the next day for them to answer our concerns and keep us informed. But that would be too easy, right?

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Too many new aspects of the game. Like the whole set of debilitating affects and specialist skills we got in the pass year. I get that variety is good but come on. Should’ve been slow progress like they brought out payback and bide weeks apart which was over the top. They ain’t finished the ascension of half the legacies and such but wanted to introduce s class and now 5* weapons. So wack. I would show anyone who retired since 5* or early 6* days and I doubt anyone would want to come back

I feel like we are part of joke we are not being let in on…
You know what I mean…
Our community managers are time zones are so far off from the actual source of information.
So communication of any substance will always have a delay.

Isn’t the new CM timezone a big difference to PST as well???

They all are.

Every single cm but one has been overseas

Only one be in usa was a she

Let’s not forget platinum mods… vet rings… and 5* weapons.
I’m sure something new to the meta in January at this rate.
Something like platinum regions, you join them and get a 40% attack buff/confuse teammates for 5 turns, in all future CRW against all non platinum regions.
The key to transfer to it will be 10k coin and a new monthly subscription for those regions $49.99.

I work with a team in India. Time difference is less extreme, but you learn how to work with it and, actually, can create an extended working day if you have smooth handovers between the teams.

The issue is that it is clear those who do the actual communicating are doing so off scraps, vague statements and laywer approved ass-covering apologies that don’t address the real issues.


But that’s my point. SC was the same way. Players kept accruing the comics to the point where they had enough to max the new toon. What was the selling point if they released the toon and everyone maxed it?

This is leaning the same way. Players will already have enough soon to max the new toon. Won’t make any sense to release and F2p toon players can max in a day. The longer the worse the odds.

I do as well but the big difference is people in these different time zones are empowered to make decisions. These cms are just middlemen so it doesnt work.

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