Gold Bar suggestions

I’m sure many players have given up hope these will actually be used again. Because it’s now going what 2 months that we were promised they would be used towards a future S class.
The last time I contacted support weeks ago I had accumulated almost 400.
I have 28 unused gold radios currently, because why spend so much energy towards an imaginary future goal.

My suggestions for them and I’m sure many have suggested this before, is put in some museum collections for collectibles towards other S class characters or simply put up James and Christa again so we can pick the one we didn’t get originally.

Definitely put the knives back in the museum so people that fell short the first time can finish tiering up the first character they had chosen.

I would definitely prefer a new selection of S class toons, but honestly at this point would be happy with almost anything to feel like these will not go toward the wayward side like the plushies did.

Just do something for the player base with these gold bars until you can develop whatever you had originally planned please.

It’s our only login reward and I think it’s discourteous to currently have zero value.




Has it really been that long geez unbelievable :frowning:

WTF are they doing? Company is so incompetent its a joke.


Don’t want james or cristã put back up. That’s such a cop out. If they do that, it’s ridiculous because they could have done that 2 months ago.


It’s going to get to the stage where either gold bars will go the way of plushies or they’ll seriously nerf them and we’ll need 100 or more to get one item. Because at the current rate people will have enough to claim all the items and max their S-class as soon as they get them because we’ve been waiting so long.

That’s if they actually have enough gear, fodder and food of course :roll_eyes:

It’s 4 unreleased s classes. (Add 2 counting clem and AJ or idk if that’s Duane)

Only one we have seen ingame was Frost as a 5. Marlon strong, angel, mateo, clem, and aj hasn’t made a appearance. Soooo… Idk.

Safe to say scopely forgot about f2p s class.

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Have you any new information?
Surely even you can agree the wait has become ridiculous and with the company’s track record these items will probably never be used again.

Please change our login rewards to something we can put to use now.


I concur. Either put up James and Christa again so I can have duel Christas or give us something we can use!!! This wait is utter ridiculous…I’ve heard good things come to those who wait, and some things are worth waiting on. But this is a mobile gaming app that is highly competitive, we need stuff now. Not 45 years from now because it’ll take us another 45 to level them them to useful. Then they aren’t relevant. So spit it out already!!! Screenshot_2019-01-15-04-19-37-1


I’m predicting this as well.


GR has ran away lol

You wish :slight_smile:

But more seriously more information about the new S-Class here: [S-Class] Character Spotlight: Angel


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The info is bad gr come on man.

Um well… That’s exactly what they did and added angel. Lol

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The information has been updated yesterday.


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