Gold bar roadmap

@GR.Scopely the roadmaps for the gold bars is missing


same missing in cobb too

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I got the gold radio and gold bars from the shop but the roadmaps are still missing

They realised that people can miss a day and still max their toon. Just fixing that issue

Well that’s cool that they’re atleast fixing simething


They could have…I don’t know…COMMUNICATED that…

Unless I missed that post somewhere…

@Shawn.Scopely @TayTron. Missing here too

Never seen that post…

@LadyGeek save us (?

No nap for my faction either

None here either

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One. Week.


Do you guys go out of your way to restart the “didn’t fuck up this week” timer?


It was covered in syrup.

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Right, from all the buckets of pancakes they’ve been shoving in their lair mouths

Where’s the gold roadmaps?

I need my gold bucket… err gold bar roadmap.

Just popped up. Thanks!

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