Gold bar and christa/james promos

scopely can we have promos for gold bars, and also for james/christa, for those who want to accelerate their upgrades and/or get both toons.


Leave something aside for the f2p folks for god sakes, you want a big advantage for leveling up f2p Sclass too.


not taking away anything from anyone. just want to add those options for people who feel so inclined.

Promo Sclasses can be maxed out quickly unlike f2p which are gear locked with knives and will take months to max, so yeah it will be a big disadvantage if whales have maxed out promo Sclass and f2p Sclass both in the same team. That just widens the Sclass gap between f2p and pw2 even more for the next 3 months.


lol no way

i dont think this will have any material effect on this thing people call a gap, since buying the promos is just the same as buying new s class every 2 weeks, which are sold regularly now.

anyway im just asking. id like this option. scopely can decide how this will affect any balance. same way they decide when to release new s class toons etc. :wink:

Or you may just send Scopely a certain amount of money. Monthly. They would really appreciate your loyalty. Might even grant you a new shiny badge. Who knows?

real question is why are you still willing to throw money at these criminals? :joy::joy:


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