Gold Arrows why it is not possible to collect these till the end of that event?

There are 6 hours to go but it is not possible to collect any other gold arrows (map is not available)

so what…

The blog information said the event would end on Tuesday, and it did.

There’s normally an additional 24 hours after an event ends for you to use up the event items in the museum or black market.

yeah damn my fault…

Vous pourriez rajouter des offres en po pour les flèches ?

It would be nice to see an offer to buy arrows for who need few to complete the collection.
I need too few to finish…
Or exchange gold ring for arrows.

I think ur new maybe im wrong but almost all collection events in the game ends a day b4 the event actually ends.

I know, but not always is easy to be prompt when there is work and family.
For this I wrote to see an offer in the shop, normally there are last minute bag to solve this.

You would think right… given how much they ram the offers up your wazoo while the event is in full flow. But that would imply common sense

I noticed this. Those single week events have six days of game play and one for trade your items.

Even if they did sell offers for those 24 hours there would be some people who buy one 5 minutes before the end and then complain they didn’t have chance to use them.

I would rather they stopped offers when the event ends than continue to sell offers after the collections are gone, as they did recently with the tyres and wheels.

We had a whole week to get the arrows completely ftp. It was clear when the event was ending so Scopely are not responsible for anyone coming up short.

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